Thorhauge i 270 Integreret 2x70W.
Thorhauge I 270 Integreret 2x70W.
Integrated amplifier with remote control. The amplifier is simple musical circuit, as well as easy bias adjustment is done by adjusting a single trimmer to 5.5 volts which is common to all tubes. This can only be done when the amplifier is designed with a combination of cathode and grid bias. The adjustment will be made ​​from above the top plate using the supplied multimeter.The amplifier is coupled ultralinær. Inlet tube is JJ ECC 81 Driver tubes are Electro Harmonix 12BH/7
The eight EL34 output tubes is from EH or JJ. The power supply consists of a transformer at 500W and a battery of capacitors in 3000 uf. which is substantial in a tube amp. This ensures a powerful reproduction with immense headroom.
Input tube: JJ ECC 81
Drivertube: Electro Harmonix 12BH/7
Outputtube: EH/JJ  EL34
Power out: 2 x 70WATT
Power consumption at idle: 260w.
Max consumption: 450w.
Indput impedance: 50k.ohm
Freqence response: 15hz – 50khz – 1db   w.10w.out
Dimention: w.d.h. 37 x 47 x 18cm
Weight: 21.5kg

Price: 2267 euro

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