Model 25-90

Model name 25-90, refers to the speaker’s data, the bass goes down to 25 Hz – 3dB. sensitivity is 90 db. Model 25-90 is designed for small tube amps, impedance diver not to less than 7 ohms, with a sensitivity of 90 db. plays great with our new singleendet 15 watt’er.

Base Unit at 8 “is from Peerless, the device plays up to 1650 hz. where a 29mm SB Acoustic with waveguide takes over, treble, and wave guide are molded together into a heavy resonansdød whole. Crossover is simple with good chunks that are shared acoustic with 12 db /  bass port is located on the side, and can be adjust in three steps for optimal basrespons.

Height 117 cm.

Width 35 cm.

Depth 26.5 cm.

Comes with black cloth, top and bottom are in piano finish.

Price for set: 24,000 –

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