Thorhauge Singleendet Monotrin på 16W.
Thorhauge Singleendet MonoAmp.  16W.

SE amplifier built with good components, chosen after many hours of listening tests. There is in this and other amplifiers from Thorhauge spent large power supply which is filtered using a choke. Output transformers is very large relative to output, which means that the amplifier does not have trouble playing down to 20 hz.

With KT90 tubes in the output-stage, and ecc 82 as driver is cut and run throughout the audible frequency range. The output tube life is long (KT 90 is a powerful tube ( 50w) Can be used with: KT88/90/120

Power out: 16w.
Frequence range: 20 hz – 0,3db.     50khz – 0,75db
Feedback: 6 db.
Output impedance: 1,2 ohm.
Speaker out: 4-8 ohm.
 Dimensions:  W-D-H: 21 x 43 x 22 cm.
Weight: 13kg.

Price for a set: 1866 euro

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