Thorhauge 20W. CLASS A Triode Koblet Monotrin
Thorhauge 20W. CLASS A Triode Connection Monoamp’s

Do you have the speaker is fairly easy to pull, will this amplifier deliver a detailed and dynamic sound. Pure Class A, triode mode, and low output impedance, is helping to make the sound incredibly fluid, and engaging. The circuits is very simple, and with auto-bias, so all in all an amplifier that is easy to live with.

Power out: 20w. 20hz-30k.hz
Feedback: 6db.
Connection: triode Connection push-pull class a
Input tube: ecc 81
Output tube: EL 34/KT 88/90
Output impedance: 1,2 ohm
 Dimensions:  W-D-H: 21x43x22cm
Power consumption: 110 watt each
Weight: 13kg.  each

Price for a set: 2000 euro

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