Thorhauge 25 Watt Push-Pull

Thorhauge 25 Watt Push-Pull class a  Triode-connection

Push-pull class-A mono amp’s on solid 25 w. four output-tube’s,  is a little overkill, but can be heard as effortless and free-flowing sound, while it also means longer life for the tubes, the amplifier is with auto bias, and should it happen that a tube burning out pops a fuse, there is nothing else taking damage,put in a new tube, with the same data , then play it again, a EL 34 tubes costs 14 euro.The amplifier can be used with: EL34/KT77

Specifications: Thorhauge 25 Watt Push-Pull
Power out: 25w.  20hz- 3okhz
Output impedance: 1  ohm
Output-terminals: 4 og 8 ohm
Input/driver tube: 8162/ecc81
Dimension:  WxHxD: 33,5 – 20 – 43 cm.
Weight: 17,5 kg.

Price for a set: 2667 euro

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