Thorhauge M. 50
Thorhauge M. 50

New 50 watt mono amplifier, class a/b ultralinear. Simple is good, this amplifier use only one tube in the gain, and phasesplitter stage, the sound is clear and open, and with a superb dynamick, bias adjusment is doing from the the top off the amplifier.

Power out:   50w.
Frequence response: 20 -20k.hz. 0 db. – 0,7db. v. 30khz. (10w. out)
Feedback: 11,2 db.
Output impedance : 1,5 ohm
Speaker terminals:  4 – 8 ohm
Dimension: W. D. H. 21 x 43 x 22 cm.
Weight: 13 kg.

Price set: ,- 2000 euro

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