About Thorhauge Audio:
Thorhauge Audio was founded in 1987 by Steen Thorhauge. At that time there were only a preamplifier on the program. Since then there have been developed RIIA, mc stepup, preamplifier and several power amps and integrated amps. Development of circuit, PCB design, PCB manufacture and assembly done in-house “Danish producers supply crates / powder coating, buttons, feet, front plates, and plaques Udg.trafoer ‘ne and chokes are from Hammond. The amplifiers are long-tested before sale, the warranty is 5 years (udg.rør 1 year) batteries in mc stepup’er 2 years garanti. ONLY DIRECT SALES.

Fintrimning før messe DemorumDemorum

Call and make demo I are best made between the hours. 12 and 24 My demorum is not that great, but with a good acoustics, so stay tuned, there is coffee in the pot and beer on ice.

Payment methods: ONLY DIRECT SALE!
Bank transfer or cash on delivery / Cash.
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Warranty is 5 years, (outlet pipe, 1 year) and the warranty is voided if the output tubes switched to a different brand than they supplied.