Low Cost
A new series of amplifiers is now added the program so there is room for euphony for less money compared to the more expensive models, it is especially designed cabinet which has been modified to keep the price down. The new has a little less loading capacity, but the 1200 uf. Much remains to a tube RIAA.

Riaa’en has low output impedance, and can be used with all amplifiers.

Z ind: 47K. ohm
Z out: 680 ohm
Gain: 40 db.
Tube: 2 x ecc 81(8162)
Tube: 1 stk ecc 82 (buffertrin)
Mål: B 103 mm.D 203mm. H 42 mm.

Pris: 3500,-

The low cost mc step-up is in production now se the Danish side



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