Thorhauge INTERSECTION Preamplifier
Thorhauge INTERSECTION Preamplifier.

Tube preamplifier with build-in riaa. Thorhauge Intersection Preamplifier is an evolution of Thorhauge`s early preamp from 1987 (then called the ST.ONE). I have used the same passive riaa with ecc81/8162, but fine-tuned the riaa alot at some points. The line-stage  was updated in 2007 and has a low output impedance and can be used with all types of power amplifiers. The preamps high voltage supply is passive, with large electrolyte capacitors, and three chokes, the glow is a voltage regulator and subsequent RC component for extra filtration. The volume control is from ALPS, and comes with remote. The amplifier is inverting the signal, which means that the speakers + and – is swapped round, either at the power amplifier end, or on the speakers termination. This could be avoided with an extra tube to correct the phase, but the result would increase too much gain, which requires a heavy feedback, which sonically is not good indeed.

Thorhauge Intersections preamplifier has been tested very positive in the hifi magazine “Norwegian fidelity” nr.43 where this line-stage was especially recommended if you were looking for a preamp in the price range of 6600 euro. The review was without testing the build-in riaa so in this particularly case you recieve a worldclass riaa together with this preamplifier at a bargain price of only 1800 euro.

Specifications:   Thorhauge INTERSECTION Preamplifier
Tube riaa: ecc81/8162
Tube line-stage ecc82/5814
Input impd.riaa: 47K.ohm
Input impd.line-stage: 100K.ohm
Output impd.: 680 ohm.
Gain riaa: 38 db.
Gain line-stage: 14 db.
Phase: inv.
Dimesions:  WxDxH: 44,5 x 26 x 9,5 cm.
Weight: 5kg.

Price: 1800 euro

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