Thorhauge INTERSECTION Preamplifier
Thorhauge INTERSECTION Preamplifier.

Tube preamp without RIAA. For those who don`t need a riaa, and want to save a bit of money, it is now possible to get a preamp only as a line stage. The preamps cabinet is the same as the cabinet with build-in riaa.
Preamplifier is an evolution of Thorhauge preamp’en of 1987 (then called the ST.ONE). The linestage  receiving an update in 2007, has low output impedance and can be used with all types of power amplifiers, high voltage supply is passive, high capacity electrolyte, and with a 9 mh. choke , the glow is a voltage regulator and subsequent RC component for extra filtration. The volume control is from ALPS, and is remotely controlled.  The amplifier turn phase, which means that the speaker + and – swapped round, either at the power amplifier, or on the speakers.

Preamplifier has been a very good test in Norwegian fidelity nr.43 where the line-stage recommended if you are looking for a preamp in this price range up to  6600 euro

Specifications:   Thorhauge INTERSECTION Preamplifier
Tube ecc82/5814
Input imped.line: 100K.ohm
Output impd. 680 ohm
Gain line: 14 db.
Phase: inv.
Dimensions: WxDxH : 44,5 x 26 x 9,5 cm.
Weigth: 4.5 kg.

Price: 1333 euro

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